Independent Country Music Artist, Mitch Gallagher released his self-titled debut EP on January 29th, 2013, and wasted little time in proving why he is an up and coming force in Country Music, rising all the way to #46 on the iTunes Top 100 Country Albums Chart.  In what is considered a five year town, the twenty-two year old singer/songwriter has taken tremendous strides since moving to Nashville a little over two years ago. The thing that separates Mitch from other up and coming artists in Nashville is not only his work ethic, but his unique sound and vocal ability. “There’s a small class of male country singers who are truly vocalists, and Gallagher should be in that class”- That’s Music to Me.  His five song EP features many different styles that are sure to appeal to every listener. Ranging from upbeat, catchy tracks such as “Just Like Heaven”, and “What Makes Love Go Round”; all the way to a modern day country anthem in “Country to Me”. The EP even contains tracks with traditional country leanings that display a more personal side of Mitch, such as “Meant for Coming Back”, and “One Day to Go”.  Mitch is also a student at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, TN, balancing his time between attending classes, playing at venues, songwriting appointments, and managing his music career largely by himself. Even more impressive is the fact that he was the only Independent (unsigned) artist to chart in the Top 50 iTunes Country Albums at the time of the release.  The Maryville, MO native has also found great success with Country Radio, releasing two radio singles that are included on his EP titled “Meant for Coming Back”, and “Just Like Heaven”. Both singles achieved an uncommon level of success for an Independent artist, by receiving support from numerous stations spanning Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Tennessee, and Kentucky.  Mitch has plans to promote a third radio single off of his five song EP titled “What Makes Love Go Round”, which will be hitting country radio in the next coming weeks.